A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness It took me several chapters to get in to this book. Then shortly after I started to enjoy it, I started to dislike it again. I had to force myself to finish the rest of the book. At this point I have no future plans to read book 2 of the trilogy, even though it takes place in one of my favourite time periods.I liked both of the main characters to start with, but the more I got to know both, the more I started to really dis-like Matthew. For a Vampire he seems really weak. I do not find him to be a strong powerful character at all, even though the author does her best to portray him as such.Dianne's willinginess to accept so easily that he has killed 2 people in his "protective-ness' of her can only come back and bite them both in the butt's later on. The communication between them is seriously lacking and it looks like that theme carries through into the 2nd book from what I have read of the summary of the book.The author also failed to draw me in to have any warmth or feeling for the other characters in the book. I wanted to enjoy this book based on reviews, but I just had a hard time with it.