Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon I was hesitant to read this after reading several of the reviews and the comparison to Twilight. I'm not a Twihard, and can't say that I *loved* the books, but I read them and thought they were a nice "fluff" read.My daughter had swimming camp all this week and I wanted a book to read that I could easily look up from every few minutes to watch her progress so I started on this one.I can definitely see the similarities as mentioned between this book and Twilight, but Stephanie Meyer did not create the some special formula of boy meets girl, so that did not really bug me. That said, I did not find Adam stalker-ish or obsessive with Meghan as Edward/Bella. In fact it's hard to believe he likes her at all, other than a few across the room stares.I did feel that she could have taken a bit more time to develop their relationship. One minute he's ignoring her, the next they were kissing under a tree and saying how irresistible each other is. A bit of conversation and a few random run ins would have helped develop a connection not only between Adam and Meghan but with the reader as well. Meghan is confidant, strong, and determined. I actually wish she would have developed Adam's character a bit more. We learn a lot about Meghan in this book but not that much (other then the 'basics' of what he is) about Adam or his personality. At one point in the book he all but disappears. As does her friend. I thought I might have missed something as there was no mention of her for quite a while, then when Adam goes off to College, her friend "magically" re-appears.I would not call the writing stellar, but the story (after a few chapters) started to develop well enough that I will probably pick up the 2nd book when it comes out. It's by no means a 'heavy' read. But if you are looking for a nice light read, it's really not that bad of a book.