Winter's Shadow - M.J. Hearle I found the beginning a bit slow, and I will admit there were some parts of the story where I was like Wha?!? and not from the drama or shock over what was going on. More so from how convoluted it all sounded. I felt Hearle did a good good of developing the all the characters, although the connection/chemistry between Winter and Blake was not very believable for me at first.He spent a lot of time trying to draw you into what Winter is and what Blake is that their relationship/building up of chemistry took a bit of a backseat. Then before you know it, tragedy strikes and there is no further least in this book. I get why they feel connected, I just feel there could have been a bit more work put into building a bit more of a relationship between them. It seemed he was told "You get 279 pages to tell this store and whatever does not fit between those pages will be cut out.It probably sounds like I did not enjoy the book, but I did. I was just bothered a bit by the relationship (lacking) aspect of it. I'll be reading Winter's Light in hopes of seeing how he further develops the characters and because I am enjoying the story he's bringing to life.