Ceaseless - Abbi Glines I started out with a 5 rating but after sleeping on it, I'm coming back and giving it a 4-4.5. I love the chemistry between Dankmar and Pagan, and was super excited to read more about them. That said, I felt this book was a 'filler'. She gave her fans what they wanted, more Dankmar, but I did not feel it was really a necessary addition to the other 2 books. She could have easily ended it with PreDestined. I also found the first two to be a bit more exciting. I would have liked to have seen a bit more action/drama.In this book, Pagan's memories have been taken away by the Deity (which, even with the prologue she did, I still found the beginning to be rather abrupt) and she must choose between Dankmar and Jay. We knew so little of Jay, other than the fact that they dated in high school that I did not really feel a strong connection between them or feel that it was believable that he was her soul's mate. As well, I felt there was no doubt that there would not be a connection between the two. She focused more on Dankmar trying to get her to remember than she did trying to convince the readers that she and Jay just "might" get together.Lief's appearance was also brief and to me, seemed a bit out of place.I enjoyed Ceaseless, I just enjoyed the first two a lot more.