Anew - Chelsea Fine I'm not sure about this book. I did not love it, but I did not hate it either. The plot had potential, but in my opinion fell a bit short and I found it a bit drawn out. I understand the idea of creating suspense, but the way the information was slowly given and each tibit that was revealed did not really seem to answer any questions annoyed me a bit. The curse is just confusing overall and the author did not do an awesome job at really describing it. Even after it is 100% told to the reader you are still a bit confused and scratching your head.That said, I really enjoyed her best friend Heather and she made the book just a bit more enjoyable. I'm a bit tired for the brooding, tall, dark handsome main character. I did not hate Tristen, but he's no Dankmar (Ceaseless) and we really do not get to know him enough in this book for me to care that much about him.Scarlet was not the typical helpless female and I did like her, but again, so little seems to be revealed in this book that it's hard to form any solid likes or dislikes of the characters.The relationship between Scarlet and Gabriel does not feel right to me. And now I get why, after reading some of book 2. That said, I'm curious as to how it will all play out so will continue with the series. It's a good 'filler' until Blood and Starlight comes out on Nov. 6th.