Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1) - A. Meredith Walters I'm sitting here trying to figure out where all these 4 star reviews are coming from and wondering if I read a different book then everyone else?? This book started out with lots of promise but quickly fell flat.First off, my kindle version was full of typos and grammar errors. Not a ton but enough for me to notice. Nothing bugs me more than typos or grammar errors in a book I'm reading.This book is about a guy and a girl who are instantly attracted to one another but both are seeing other people. Maysie drops her guy but Jordan does not, which leads to something happening between them and of course both getting caught by Jordan's gf's "friend". I use the term friend very loosely here.Along with the typos, the editing was not done very well, I think the author was told "You need this book to be a min. of 320 pages". SHe wrote it, it was HALF of that so then she filled it up with a lot of 'filler', silly fights between the couple and went on long rambles about other things that I felt could have been cut out of the book without effecting the story line.I'm going to assume that all the 4 star ratings are due to the sex scenes, which while the first one was pretty hot, it was like Ms. Walters took that scene and then copied and pasted it for every sex scene there after, the only thing changing being the location, but only in some instances. I'm also thinking that some of the 4 star ratings are due to how 'hot' Jordan is. I will give Ms. Walters credit for that, she did a good job of giving the reader a very clear visual of what Jordan looks like. That said, I'm getting a bit tired of all the male leads with a tongue ring (that OMG feels so good who would have though how amazing it would feel!!! /eye roll) and tattoos over their body. Oh and Jordan's clicking of it against his teeth? Not a sexual at all, more on the annoying side.Maybe I'm just grumpy, but honestly this book needed some serious help in editing, plot and writing. I read this book after finishing Red Fox (Experiment in Terror #2) so perhaps going from such a great book to one not so great has jaded my view/opinion of this one. That said, I read "Rule" prior to Red Fox, which is along the same genre and thoroughly enjoyed it.