Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle Of this series, this one is my favourite so far. In this book Dex and Perry travel to Vancouver and borrow a sailboat to camp for the weekend on an Island that at one time housed 40 Asian men who had leprosy. Eventually, the government sent over a paster and a 19 yr old missionary to help care for them, but they were pretty much left on their own, with only a supply ship going over every few months to drop off food, supplies and.....coffins. =Before they even get off the boat Perry starts to see ghosts, it's soon apparently that Perry is seeing a lot more on the island than Dex is. It sort of reminded me a bit like LOST. As more things start to happen, the more Dex and Perry start to pit against each other. Dex upset that Perry is seeing things he is not and more importantly, not telling him about it. She is hiding a lot of what she sees as she does not want him to think she's 'crazy'. We also got a peek into more of Dex's past. I'm anxiously awaiting to learn more about Perry's past though and her 'ghosts'.I was spooked out a lot more in this book then the other ones. They are all suspenseful and a bit scary, however think bc this one was on an island and that they were camping (which I use to do a lot pre-kids) it spooked me more. Can't wait to read book 4.