Never Too Far - Abbi Glines ahh the angst and drama of being in love but now feeling you are good enough and then the lines of communication break down to only add to the fun!Soooo much wishy washiness on Blaire's part in this book. Just how many times is she going to go back and forth between 'Bama and Florida?? I lost track at 3. I also really did not like that Abbi made her pregnant, it just did not feel right to me. I was totally expecting for the Dr. to say LOOK! Twins! when they FINALLY went to a doctor's apt together.In some spots the book seemed to drag on and on, while in other parts it seemed too abrupt. The end was really abrupt, if she'd shortened some other areas that were not needed, then she could have had time/room? to end it properly, as well all know the next in this series is about Woods, not Blaire and Rush.