The Arrangement 4 (The Arrangement, #4) - H.M. Ward I'm going to go against the grain and say that the author has watched Pretty Woman one too many times. :p Quite a few instances in these 4 installments I have read almost direct quotes of conversation from the movie or scenes that are pretty much bang on.I've not read any of her other serials, but I can't say that this one is amazingly wonderful. I'll hang in there and read the 5th and what I hope is the final installment in this, but needless to say, it did not really suck me in. There does not seem to much of a plot, and if there is not much of a plot, then I want amazing sex, which IMO this book also failed in. The sex scenes between Avery and Sean seem awkward and...just bad. His portfolio said he wanted a virgin to teach her, but what little sex they've had (bc they've both been too busy having drama and woe is me episodes), including the first time, there has not been much teaching. He paid a lot of money to have her for the weekend, but he's too wrapped up in his personal woes/drama to really make any use of her.I also read this weekend a book by Abbi Glines (Fallen Too Far) that did a much better job of a first sexual experience for a girl. There was just something about their relationship, emotionally & sexually that did not ring true for me. I just did not feel much connection to the characters.That said, these are short quick reads and I may give her a 2nd chance try one of her other serials.