Muse - Rebecca Lim I have to agree with a previous reviewer, there were parts of this book where the author went off on a bit of a tangent. I understood the need to give some more back story as well to see what was going on in Mercy's head. However, in some cases, it was totally unnecessary and I'll admit I skimmed some sections that went on forever. The inner dialogue in her head just went on for too long at times.That said I really enjoyed this book. More so then the 2nd, which I struggled to get through. I liked the characters, the setting and the "story" of those around Mercy. She did seem to be telling everyone who she was without abandon. They all seemed to take it all in stride too. Oh you're and angel? Cool! Now pull it together and get through this. I'm hesitant to read Fury as from the reviews I've read many are displeased with the ending. I am guessing how it ends, but not sure I want to see it on the print.