If I Should Die - Amy Plum I'm still mulling over this one. I'm not so sure how much I really liked the characters. In book one, I really enjoyed the story/plot and felt each character was likeable/enjoyable. Book two my enjoyment of the started to wane a bit and now that I've finished book 3 I can say I'm not really a fan of Vincent and Kate. This book was action filled and fast paced, but somehow the only character I had any interest in was Bran. I can't fully explain what it was about this book that I did not enjoy. I know in part it was Vincent and Kate. Vincent seemed to be so weak and well the plot twist (which I saw coming from about chapter 2 on) was not really that big of a surprise.I think my tastes in books and my expectations from a book have changed a lot since I first started to read this series last year.