Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates I really enjoyed both of these books. I will say though that I'm happy that Georgia Cates did not jump in and do a third book right away due to fan encouragement. I feel that sooo many storylines keep going due to fans loving the characters so much that it gets to a point where it ruins the story and the characters for me. I also find that 'unplanned' sequels that only come about due to fan's pleading (bc they LOVE the male lead or characters so much they *need* more)are never as good as the 'originalsI'm really happy with where things ended with this 2nd book. There was some heavy hinting of where things could lead to if there is a 3rd book, but I'm quite happy with the ending as is.There was only one thing I felt was 'off' in this book. I felt that the woman walking up to L at the engagement dinner was a bit contrived. I felt no need for it and the fight over how he'd been naked with her AFTER L had left him was silly and not needed. I felt like Ross from Friends and kept saying "BUT YOU WERE ON A BREAK!!". I feel that Georgia felt the book needed a bit of a twist/drama so tossed that in to add some drama, which I still feel was un-needed.