Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday A nice fluffy read, with some good funny moments. I'm still laughing over Hart hiding under Chase's bedding and outing herself when she realized he was about to take his pants off and was commando. hahI actually decided to read this book bc the blurb made me think of Veronica Mars. Not quite sure why since I've only seen a synopsis of what the show is about and watched half an episode. Regardless, it was enough to get me to give this book a chance. I can't say it is an awesome book, but if you are looking for an easy read and some humour, this book fits the bill. Hart's character is a strong female lead who does not just roll over when she learns her boyfriend Josh is cheating on her. She tries to find out the truth instead of mopping and then goes so far as to try and solve his murder.While not one of my favourite books that I've read so far this year, it did capture my attention enough that I will be reading book 2 of this series. I'm curious to see where things will lead with her and Chase.Oh and I have to say that I'm happy this did not turn into a love triangle, nor did it center more around romance between her and Josh or Chase, it focused more on the murders and the romance was secondary. It was refreshing and nice to see a book that was not 'insta love' or the female lead mopey and all over a guy.