The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens I'm starting to wonder how Amelia can possibly support herself, she really seems to be spending more time being haunted and finding herself in the middle of murders vs being able to complete any graveyard restorations. Thank goodness for the popularity of her blog and the minor income it provides. ;)In all seriousness, I think I enjoyed this one more than the first. There was a lot more intrigue and a lot more spook/creepiness. Ms. Stevens still kept things subtle, letting your mind wander, but she went a step further in creating a much scarier story line then in book 1. I also really enjoyed learning about Amelia's past (birth mother, her family, the scandal etc). Like another reviewer, I did really feel the absence of Devlin. I really liked the small glimpse of his character we received in book one and enjoyed the chemistry between him and Amelia.He did make a few 'appearances' in this book in the way of Amelia's thoughts roaming/thinking about him. For some reason his email "Where are you?" and his text "I need you" sent shivers up my spine. I can't wait for his re-appearance in book 3.In this book her love interest was Thane Asher, and while he seemed nice enough I just never felt any real connection to him.