Shadows - Paula Weston I've read a lot of books about angels, the Fallen and Nephlim, so when I read one, I'm pretty much ready for the author to follow the same "rules" as the other authors before her have. In the case of Shadows, Weston has put a bit of a twist on things and I have to say I quite like it.First of all I love that Gabe/Gaby is strong, independent and while develops feelings for Rafa, they do not take center stage in the story, it focuses on the Fallen and their half angel offspring. She does not melt into Rafa and look at him to save her (ok there is some melting in to him, but not the oh rescue me brave knight kind of melting), even though she has no clue who she is or how to fight, she relies on herself to figure it out and do it.Rafa is stubborn, cocky(not overly so), strong and does not smother Gabe by telling her to stay put and that he'll "handle" it. In fact, he does the opposite, telling her she is a kick ass fighter and to get on with it.This first book of the series drew me in rather quickly and I had to force myself to turn the light out at 2am and go to sleep. I'm positive if it was not a week day I would have stayed up to finish it. I'm super curious as to where the story is going to lead and also want to learn more about Jude, who changed Gabe's/His memories, what they found out, IS Jude still alive? (I think he is)