Deception - Lee Nichols An interesting take on ghosts and how ppl see them. In this series they are called "Ghost Keepers" They can compel, dispel, summon and communicate with them. BUT not all GK's can do all 4, most can do only one and each GK varies in strength. Oh and to make things interesting, GK's can not be together, the weaker of the two will lose their powers. So my overall feeling on this book was that it was ok. I was not scared, nor was I really on the edge of my seat. Emma is a GK, a powerful one, whose parents had her powers 'suppressed' when at that age of 7, she was attacked by an evil "ghost". Fast forward to age 17, her parents/brother go missing, her brother's friend Bennett shows up to (with parents for the CPS stating he's her guardian in the event her parents go missing) and she moves to Boston where all the 'fun' begins.She slowly learns what she is, her powers increase and she stumbles her way through learning about her powers and keeping her GK role a secret from her friends, except the ones that are also ghost keepers. While I did not love the story, it did peek my interest enough that I will read the next book in the series.