Tempus (Tempus, #1) - Tyra Lynn First I will say that this book had the potential to be amazing, however, due to several things, it just fell flat. I'm a bit surprised actually at all the rave reviews.First of all, grammar and spelling typos abounded. Including a few times where words were repeated ie. "they they went to the park". Secondly the over-use of Lynn using italics to emphasize words drove me nuts. It was not just here and there, it was pretty much every.single.time.someone.spoke. At lease once every other sentence there was stress on a word. I'm not dumb, I can read and understand when someone is using emphasis on a word when speaking. It really made me lose focus on the story, which in turn caused me to start to skim a bit.This book (yes I'm aware, more than aware actually that it is self published) could have really done with a good thorough editing. There was way too much word building when it came to Steve and Jessie's relationship or sorry the not a relationship as Jessie says numerous times that he is not her boyfriend.You are 36% in to the book before Gabriel makes an appearance and he comes off really stiff and almost awkward. And the more you read and what you later learn about him, it just does not sit well with me.In all honesty, the book did not really pick up and start to fall in to place until around 76%. Again, great concept, wonderful idea but the story itself needed a good pruning. There are other ways to draw the reader into a story and understand the chemistry between the characters without having to give so much background and be so wordy. Things also seemed a bit choppy to me as well and the characters were poorly developed. Yes I just said it was too wordy, but all the 'extra' background the reader gets does not help at all with the story itself or giving you much of a connection with the characters.Again, good concept, poorly executed.