Fracture - Megan Miranda Delaney and her friend Decker are walking across the Lake when she falls, the ice cracks, she falls in. She's dead for eleven minutes before they get her heart beating again. She spends 6 days in a coma before waking up and to the surprise of everyone, suffers no ill effects - no brain damage, no short/long term memory loss, motor skills & mobility are both fine. She's perfectly fine....except......she starts to sense when someone is about to die. The rest of the book takes the reader through an interesting persepective on death, euthanasia, and Delaney's struggles to reconcile her 'new' self with her old self.I felt the characters were well developed and liked the gradual attraction way the author slowly had Delaney and Decker accept/be open about their feelings. I'm interested in seeing where Miranda takes things with book two in the series. I hope it continues to explore the current character's relationships and Delaney's struggles with her ability since the accident. I read the blurb for it and it almost sounds like it will be a new cast of characters.